The Top Football Leagues In The World

Top Football Leagues

Almost every country has its national team, and then there are the leagues. However, that makes it difficult for fans and punters to select the ideal one from these leagues for you. Let us do the same for you to analyze and choose one for yourself. 

As a die-hard fan of the game of football, you might have watched a game or two with your granddad and dad. These memories might still be very fresh in your life than what you can ever imagine. However, as an adult, you also take additional interest in watching these games not just to meet your favorite players now, icons, play. Instead, you might also want to go for online football betting too. Therefore, the best way to get deep into this would be to analyze the best leagues in the world. 

Factors to Consider

Before we assume or conclude the best leagues, we all have to admit a few things. We are highly opinionated, and we all have this partiality towards our favorite teams. We argue tooth and nail when it comes to defending even their poor performance. So, the best way to do so would be by going for a clear analytical assessment. We consider:

  • The Major Transfers: Every league buys and sells big shot or potential talent to or from their team. This shall be a critical move ahead of a significant match or a tournament. But these are giving every team an upper edge and the bookmakers a lot of help in handicap bets. So, while a few bettors might not assess this aspect, many others do. They start planning their betting move along with this plan. 
  • Goals per Game: You may realize that the number of goals your favorite team delivers will also be a key reason for you to support your team. If you love the team just because it is from your city but does not deliver goals, you should probably reconsider your decision. Now let us check out the best of the leagues. 

English Premier League or EPL

A clear winner we have here is that of the EPL. Thanks to its maximum news coverage on prime-time television, many call it overrated and even blame its popularity. But ask any proper critic, and you will have the answer. It handles and sees some of the best transfers and goals are at an average of 2.9. The league has some of the best-talented youth members in the games. 

Spanish La Liga

Second, only to the EPL is the Spanish La Liga. It has some of the best Spanish national teams with some of the highest transfers happening. Also, the 2.9 goals per game is an excellent average to look out for, and the names in this are also worth checking. They are all even elite players in Madrid, Barcelona, and other clubs. 

Italian Serie A

Though slightly lower than the EPL and La Liga, Serie A also features some of the classiest players of Italy. They have the scores to die for and hence, have tremendous fans around the world too. 

These top leagues are worth your time, and we recommend you watch their upcoming matches before betting on them. It would give you an upper edge over others and ease the process of betting too.  

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