It’s 2020 but these betting myths still exist

betting myths

Check out some of the most popular myths about Esports betting and gambling now. See some of the conceptions a lot of people are deluded by even today, in the 2020 year.

The last time we heard about an absurd betting myth was not a decade ago, when gambling was still a taboo in many countries, but yesterday. It is weird that an industry such as internet betting can yet cause suspicious and misconceptions not just among the people at all, but even inside, within the gambling audience.

Although we have just entered the second decade of the new, the digital millennium, we still see some misunderstandings among bookmakers, punters, regulators and etc. If taking under considerations the least, but still annoying problems and disputes, to tell you the truth they are due to those myths that haven’t been yet debunk.

There are plenty of betting myths. Even in the 2020th year. And we will try to debunk some of them that have recently totally shocked us. Mainly, what shocked us was the fact that there are average and intermediate punters who believe in them.

  1. There’s no need to be aware of the specific sport discipline to become a great punter. Not true. It’s possible to hit a win by chance and probably to predict the next bet successfully if you are lucky. However, to be a really big pro in any sports type you need to be fully aware of its terms and conditions, leagues, history of the sport, absolutely everything!
  2. eSports gambling is not a real betting activity. It is. And it’s listed within the sportsbook section in any bookmaker. Indeed, Esports betting events are in a different category, but aren’t the live events separated, too? Plus – in Esports betting you make a prediction on almost the same markets. Only the events are different.
  3. Using software for automatic bets is the only chance to become a winner. Using such products might be efficient at some point, but in our opinion they can get you only to the level of the average punter. The experts in the field of sport betting have more than skills in predictions and fastness in decision making ability. They analyze everything. They progress in their skills by improving them all the time. And they read a lot – first, about the sport discipline they place bets on, and second, about gambling in general.
  4. If a bookmaker is a sponsor to a concrete sport team or player, then I should place bets only for a win of this player or team. This has nothing to do with the reality. Moreover – there are sport teams that receive sponsorships from many bookmakers. And there are also betting houses that are sponsors to many players. If you are a conspiracy theory lover, though, such a myth can definitely spoil your entire gambling strategy. And nothing good will come out of this.

Forget about these four myths. Play smartly. Check the information you receive in the web about gambling twice.

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