The roulette game – top FAQs of all times

roulette game

Here are the answers for the top Thaipokerleak roulette questions. Fill your gaps about the game now.

Thaipokerleak, one of the biggest online casino and gambling platforms in Asia, have revealed some very curious facts about the latest trends in the market. According to the website managers, punters are no longer interested only in the traditional games like poker and slots. On the contrary, more and more experienced punters have been testing Baccarat or the roulette at first, for fun, but then switch to a more regular mode.

The roulette, by the way, is a specific game that many punters avoid, because of numerous factors such as:

  • The online experience is a bit weird, but the live roulette games are definitely going to achieve the authenticity of being in a casino, no doubts
  • Unlike the rest of the games from a classical casino portfolio, it hasn’t got any similar “sisters”
  • Usually, building up a roulette strategy is harder than doing so even for Omaha poker or slots

Apart from that there are lots of uncertainties about the roulette. The majority of casino lovers are not totally aware of the game. Simple and logical questions have been still asked about the roulette. And today, we are going to give some answers to these questions, too. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the roulette ever:

Q: Where does the roulette actually come from?
A: A big part of the casino pros claim that Blaise Pascal was the one, who invented the game. It’s believed that the great scientist used it for his attempts to make a perpetual motion.

Q: How many roulette game types can we play today?
A: That’s a tricky question, because these days you will find thousands of alternatives for a roulette casino experience. Basically, though, they all fall into one of the two main roulette groups: European and American. The difference between them is that American roulette has two zeros, while the European – one zero.

Q: Isn’t the roulette a matter of fraud since the dealers might have skills to control the ball?
A: If there’s such a magic, in a ground casino it would be called “dealer signature”. In online roulette experience, it’s all about the software, right?

Q: Is it true that the luckiest number in roulette is 17?
A: The rumor about it started from James Bond movies. But the truth is that no one has ever announced any statistics whether 17 is the most popular number or the place where the ball lands.

Q: Is it true that roulette is the most popular casino game of all times?
A: Some people used to believe it for America. However, a recent study has shown that actually, Blackjack is the most popular game in the States. In Asia, a lot of Thaipokerleak punters play roulette, but to tell you the truth, we’ve seen more Baccarat fans. As to Europe, this continent accommodates the most heterogeneous audience as people love different things here, including exotic games available only in the typical ground casinos.

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