Tricks for playing Bandar Q To Consistently Win Every Game

Bandar Q is a sort of online gambling that is now the most frequently played by online gamblers in Indonesia.  Although the sport is still foreign and most of the people outside Asia don’t know anything about this, playing Bandar Q is something that you should consider.

Bandar q is a game that uses domino card media because of its playing instrument.  Much like the domino QQ in general, the highest score of this sport is 9, so the player can find the jackpot if he reaches a value of 9.  But the difference is that this game utilizes only two bits of cards and the player has to overcome the worth of their cards instead of defeating other players.

Rules of the game

Bandar Q is a domino game. It is really similar to Domino QQ but there are some minor differences. Anyway, here are the rules:

Maximum players at the table are 8 people. There can be less than 8 but never more than this number.

Each player has the chance to be use the automated port systems.

Each table has a minimum and maximum wagers. Everything depends on your casino.  In most of the cases, players can put a bet from 1000-5000 and requirements into the city is to have a chip on the table as much as 10x the maximum bet of the table (min 50,000 chips).

Each player will be dealt two domino cards (there are 28 cards in BandarQ) that will compete with the Banker card.


Many people think  this game is really easy and even a casino amateur can win the jackpot here. However, many more people have lost their money in Bandar Q than have won big profits. Do you want to earn a large amount of money from online gambling and playing Bandar Q? Let me talk about some strategies that will probably help you.

These are basic gambling strategies that you need to know before starting the game.

If you wish to success in any kind of gambling, first you have to prepare capital to play with.  With sufficient capital to perform, of course you can play on several rounds in order that success can be as far as possible. Some other recommendations:

  • Set goals

What are you going to do if you want to be successful in something, no matter which is your target? Of course – you set goals and do your best to achieve them. If you want to become a professional player in the casino, you should do so.

  • Learn more about the game

If there is one thing that you’re going to remember from this article, try to memorize this:

NEVER ever play a game you are not keen on and don’t have knowledge about it

Furthermore, you will need to research how exactly this game is played. Yes, I agree there are no emotions in the demo mode and reading tons of articles is not the coolest thing but you cannot win anything without knowledge.

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