What is Casinor and how to play

What is Casinor

Learn about why casinor.com is quickly becoming the most trusted site for online gambling.

If you’ve ever dabbled in online gambling, you may have encountered some shady websites. The Malta-based casino resource Casinor.com strives to curb that risk and help to change your luck.

This online gaming hub provides reviews on more than 125 online casinos, so you can vet each game before you play. There’s also a few tips and tricks they share on how to get free plays, free games, and free tips for winning on your favorite online casino games, like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and slots.

There’s also a significant amount of helpful advice on how to tell which games have the fewest payout requirements, the best bonus structures, and the simplest payment methods. The information guides, resources and reviews provide insider information to help you decide which games are best for you.

The site is available in Swedish and Finnish, and can be translated to any other language using Google Translate. Games within the site can be played in multiple countries, which are shown by the national flags where the game is available.

Players can sign up for newsletters and informational publications from the Casinor.com website to stay on top of the latest trends. They also provide information on their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

How to play:

Games are organized by casino type, bonuses available, and free spins available. The top 8 choices are listed at Casinor.com for you to check out. Each game has a matching review that you can check out before trying each game.

The gaming hub also provides a sidebar with information on the game of the month, and a master list of all the games available.

About the reviews:

Each game is ranked on a total score based on a 100-point scale on a number of features, including:

•           Graphics

•           Play Experience

•           Bonus

•           Value

•           Final summary

You can also find out information about the game, like when it was created, what kind of benefits the game has, and what kind of drawbacks you can expect.

About the game play:

To play, simply click the green “Play Now” beside the game description or review. Each game has an individual personal login. Depending on the game, you simply register your bank ID information and create username and password and provide an email address. Accepted payment methods are generally credit cards, prepaid cards, or virtual wallets like Skrill.

Once logged on, you have access to all the games available within that casino – slots, table games, live casino and progressive jackpot challenges. Then, just choose your player package and you’re ready to roll.

Casinor also offers live casino options where you can experience a lifelike gameplay of classic casino favorites. And, you can take advantage of live chat opportunities, and converse with other like-minded gamblers in the lobby.

Once you’ve racked up your earnings, you can cash out based on the casino requirements.

Gambling Help:

The site promotes responsible gambling and provides access to online resources for help. Each game has links available to gaming authorities, therapy resources and responsible gaming organizations.

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