Why Choose a Casino in Australia

Casino in Australia

The Land Down Under is a popular tourist attraction thanks to the wondrous Great Barrier Reef and exotic animals, such as koala bears and kangaroos. Australia is quickly becoming a bucket-list destination due to its immense and profitable casinos.

Australia is home to the highest gambling rate in the entire world. Perhaps this is because many of their casinos are also entertainment complexes or because gambling winnings aren’t subject to taxes as they are in most other countries.

The largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere resides in Melbourne. The Crown Entertainment Complex boasts 5,000 slot and video gaming machines as well as hundreds of table games. Video poker (known as pokie) is the most popular game in Australia. The Crown Casino is where the annual Crown Australia poker tournament is held.

Australia is divided into eight states and there are 20 full-service casinos throughout those eight states. Additionally, there are hundreds of pokie machines found in smaller venues all over the country.

Even with multiple options for traditional casinos, the Crown Casino in Melbourne attracts more than 10 million tourists annually. By comparison, only 2 million visit the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

The Australian government considers gambling to be a national past-time. Therefore, the taxes are paid by the casino instead of by the winners. This allows guests to collect all of their cash winnings instead of losing some to taxes.

The casinos in Australia are exquisitely decorated and offer many welcoming bonuses. Patrons are encouraged to sign up for the Loyalty Programs or Clubs offered by the various casinos for even more bonuses and rewards.

Many people might consider visiting Australia for architecture or viewing animals in their natural habitat, but if you’re thinking of trekking to Australia, stop by one of their numerous casinos for the fun and relaxing gambling experience of a lifetime.

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