Basic Poker Terms

Basic Poker Terms

Poker can be a very confusing game to a novice or someone without any experience if you don’t know basic poker terms of the card game at all. Therefore, it is very important to understand the meaning of many basic poker terms which will pop up in a game of poker. Basic poker terms are easy to learn and remember and below are the most used basic poker terms when playing the game

Here are 13 of the Most Popular Basic Poker Terms

Game of Poker: A game of poker includes the very first round to the very last round. A game of poker will be ongoing until there is an outright winner.

Round of Poker: A round of poker is one complete round of betting. A round of poker is over when a player has won the round and taken all of the money in the pot.

Hand: This basic poker term is simply the best five cards that can be drawn from the two initially dealt and the five cards laid out in the middle of the table.

Ante: An ante is used before the start of every round of poker. An ante is compulsory for every player and will be the same amount before each round, increasing only when a player is knocked out of the game.

Blinds: Blinds are an alternative to antes. There is a big blind and a little blind. These will be for fixed amounts and increase when a player is knocked out of a game. The small blind usually is half the amount of the large blind. The player to the immediate left of the dealer lays a big blind and the player two places to the left of the dealer lays the small blind. These positions rotate once after every round.

Deal: the deal is the two cards that are initially dealt to each player at the start of a round.

Flop: This basic poker term is the first three cards that are laid down in the middle of the table after the deal.

River: This basic poker term river is the fourth card to be laid in the middle of the table after the flop.

Turn: The turn is the final card to be laid in the middle of the table after the river.

Check: This basic poker term allows a player to pass in a round of betting unless they need to bet or call to continue.

Call: A call is matching or equally the bet that has been made.

Bet: A bet is when a player risks an amount of their cash based on the cards they have in their hand.

Raise: A raise is a basic poker term which calls the bet in play and then making a new bet.

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