Champions League Group A Betting

Champions League Betting

Champions League Group A is going to be one of the closest and most interesting to watch with a number of teams that could do well.

Manchester City are enjoying their first season in the Champions A – League and they are probably just favorites to win the group. City have the best squad in the group and have millions to spend on the competition if they fall short this season. They also have a lot of experienced players in this competition despite the fact it’s the first time the club had competed in it. City are 11/8 to win the group.

Bayern Munich are another side that could comfortably win the Champions League Group A. The German side were in the final two seasons ago and have a number of players in their team that City would jump at the chance of being able to sign. The test for Bayern is going to be how they play away from home against tough opposition because at home results should take care of themselves. Bayern are 7/4 to win the group.

Villarreal have not been at their best for a long time. Champions League Group A have seen a lot of different players come and go in a short amount of time which is going to have an impact on morale and consistency. They did well to ensure their qualification to the Champions League Group A stage but this could all be a little too much for them as the quality will be too great. They are a best price of 8/1 to win the Champions League Group A.

Napoli are bringing up the rear as an 11/1 shot to win this Champions League Group A. This club has a deep history and a lot of admiration from other clubs around Europe and the world. They have nothing to lose and probably aren’t expected to win a single point. This will allow them to go mad trying to win a game and if they lose the Champions League Group A then it’s what everyone expected in the first place.

City and Bayern are going to dominate the Champions League Group A, it’s just a case of who will be able to do a bit more to push on and dominate the competition. City could struggle against the biggest and most experienced teams in European football. They have a good manager and a gifted squad but they don’t know how to win the tight European games that come down to the finest of margins.

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